Our products

DOCCIASTONE collection is much more than a range of washbasins and showerbases, it is a philosophy that frees your space. It’s a new solution that will allow you to cut the bathroom around your needs.


Riverstone produces washbasins in Politek, a material composed of thermosetting polyester resin and very fine calcium carbonate coated with Gelcoat for shiny white …


Ultra-thin showertrays (2.5 cm) with dimensions up to 200×100 cm are also produced with Politek. They can be layed flush to the floor, according to the minimalistic trends …

Our company

Poliflex srl has been producing components for the furniture industry in composite materials since 1987. Initially, the reference technology used foaming polyurethane resins. Since 2009, Poliflex has opened a new production branch in Romania where, since 2010, it has incorporated polyester injection resin technology to produce washbasins. In 2015 Poliflex srl incorporated the production branch of Effepimarmi srl relating to the production and marketing of Riverstone, an innovative material composed of transparent polyester resin and marble granules used in the flooring, coatings and bathroom furnishings market. Today, Poliflex srl operates in two production units: in Italy, where it produces shower trays in resin and mineral fillers and where the commercial/administrative offices are; and in Romania, where it produces washbasins in resin and mineral fillers. It counts an amount of 70 employees in 9000 square meters of total production area.



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