When the perennial search for man is in tune with nature, the spark of innovation arises. Riverstone is a new material that senses and uses the shapes that nature has always created, enclosing marble pebbles in a transparent unicum. The result is a new tactile surface.
The use of Riverstone ranges from large surfaces to the most delicate and intimate details, giving maximum flexibility of use.
Public spaces and private environments are the natural habitat of the forms of Riverstone, while the quality of the materials is the main feature of a new material according to nature.Riverstone wraps and covers every detail of the places dedicated to the care of your body.

Precious floors and refined coverings are born from the natural flow of water that creates the typical forms of Riverstone, giving harmony to every detail of the bathroom.

The DOCCIASTONE collection it is much more than a range of washbasins and shower trays, it is a philosophy that frees up space. It is a new solution that will allow you to make the bathroom cut out around your needs.

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