Docciastone Collection

It is much more than a range of washbasins and showertrays, it’s a pholosophy that frees your space.

It’s a new solution that will allow you to customize the bathroom according your needs.


Pure calcium carbonate


Unsaturated polyester resin


High quality materials

Multiple solutions for your bathroom

Design, Sizes, Colors, Textures: multiple variants that offer us the possibility to customize and adapt spaces by developing multiple solutions. Creative spaces where you can find the best solution and make the most of the space available, integrating shower trays, sinks and panels for covering. Our collections of shower trays in colors and sizes allow us to present ourselves to the market with a wide range of solutions for the bathroom.

Durability and resistance

Docciastone creates its products by combining elastic resins with mineral fillers coated with a layer of ceramic

Gel Coat. The result is a product of greater durability and impact resistance.

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